About Us

GBN is a leading global insurance network within the insurance industry for professional firms and individuals. We bring together members in over 150 countries to network, exchange business opportunities, develop joint initiatives, and engage in thought leadership on a worldwide level. As a network we provide clients with global reach and a local service in every time zone, whilst committing to the highest international compliance standards

GBN Worldwide Risk Solutions

  • GBN Worldwide Risk Solutions is the network’s international brokerage desk. Its mission is to provide business development, placement, coordination, and service support out of London for the network.

The GBN Advantage

  • Through our network of members in over 150 countries, we can deliver service seamlessly across the globe.
  • Over 10000 insurance & risk management professionals, 25 Billion USD in premium transacted annually.
  • All we do is international, and we do it very well.
  • As part of an established London (re)insurance group, we are able to access the Lloyd’s and London market should the need arise.
  • Over above the placement and administration of global programmes, we can provide support services such as claims handling, risk surveying, forensic accounting, legal services, or valuations through a network of established partner providers.

Contact Us

3 Lloyd’s Avenue,
London EC3N 3DS, United Kingdom
T +44 203 036 0024